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The Benefits of Cutting Down Screentime

I recently worked myself into the ground and was feeling worse for wear so I started looking into the benefits of cutting down on my screentime. Working myself into the ground I had been working every day for a month at both my day job which I work Monday to Friday full time and then […]

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Balancing Screen Time for Kids

Kids need to learn computers As modern-day parents we are facing a new dilemma with our children and the boom of electronics. In this day and age, it is important for our children to be familiar with electronics and how they work. By having a good knowledge of computers it will help them in the […]

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Why I Restricted my Kids Screen Time and The Benefits I Saw

My girls have always been quite good at not spending too much time on their tablets and given the chance would much rather be outside playing than sitting indoors watching YouTube. However like most of us they start to hibernate during the winter months. When they get back from school it is either too wet, […]