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Why the Olympus TG-5 Tough is a great camera for parents that love to take pictures!

I love photography. It is my other passion along side writing.

I like to have pictures of our family days out and activities so we can have them as lasting memories. I have my Nikon D3330 which I love and use a lot for my photography however it is not the type of camera you can take with you on a beach day when you have children to run around after. I also worry when the kids ask to use it as they want to take some pictures that they may drop it.

I decided a while ago that I wanted to get an action camera so I would never miss a family moment at the beach or of the kids playing in the water. I searched for ages and looked through so many different cameras I was baffled. I wanted something that was water proof but that also took great pictures but not with an extortionate price tag.

It was when a very talented photographer Paul Williams recommended on his page the Olympus Tough 5 as it has an amazing macro function as well as being fully waterproof and drop proof.

I am fascinated with macro and underwater photography so that was it I was sold and ordered my new camera. That was over a year ago and I still love my Olympus TG-5 Tough and now I wanted to share with you why it makes a great camera for parents. I have managed to take so many amazing photos from it and capture family moments that otherwise would have been lost in time.

At £420 (the price when I bought mine) it is by no means a cheap camera but for me it was so worth the money and I have never regretted it. The camera is lightweight and small so it can fit in your pocket or bag making it easy to carry around with you.

It claims to be drop proof up to 2.1m drop height although I can not verify this as I am not brave enough to test it out but it makes it the perfect camera to let little ones use knowing that if they did accidentally drop the camera it won’t break.

It is fully waterproof up to 15m deep without the need of any specialist case so you can run in the sea with it and take pictures of your little ones and come away with beautiful pictures to remember the day. It is also perfect for snorkeling and capturing the amazing creatures that you encountered lurking under the water.


The Olympus  TG-5 Tough is also freeze proof up to -10C so you can take it out in the snow without any worries and capture the fun you all had on those rare snowdays (if you live in the UK).


It has a brilliant macro feature on the camera allowing you to really get up close and come away with stunning detailed images.


It has a good 12mp camera that you can use to capture images of days out, family photos and landscapes. The camera has lots of functions to help you take photos in different light conditions however from using my DSLR I like to shoot on manual mode to get the most out of my pictures and light condition which you can’t do with this camera but for a point and shoot camera the images are decent enough quality.


It has wifi so you can easily connect it up to your phone to either use remotely or to download photos with ease.

Take a look at the Olympus Tough T5 (aff link).

If for you feel that this is too much to spend on a camera take a look at my post on cheap action cameras instead.

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Photography and well-being walk with Claire Victoria Photography!

When Claire from Clarie Victoria Photography asked me along to her well-being photography walk I just couldn’t say no. Photography, mindfulness and nature are some of my favourite things and to have them all in one event sounded perfect.

The event was held in the beautiful Old Church Farm in Rudgeway which is over 40 miles away from where I live down the M5 so no matter how hard I tried not to be I was anxious, I couldn’t stop my anxiety over getting there, going on my own and meeting people I have never meet before.


When I arrived anxiety still had a bit of a grip on me but Claire was amazing and soon had me feeling relaxed and engaged in the moment focusing on where we were and our surroundings.

Before we even got to taking photos Claire worked with us to help us relax and connect us to the environment that we were in. We started to take in the sounds, smells and feel of where we were and the beauty that surrounded us.

Claire helped us notice the detail within our surroundings looking at the colour contrasts and textures that were all around us. When we went off to take our photos Claire gave us some basic themes to help us concentrate on and capture images that showcased this. She got us to really think about what we were capturing and how that image felt to us.


Once we had taken our photos we then regrouped to show them and talk about why we had taken those shots and what we liked about them. Everyone was so supportive and I found this exercise very beneficial as it got me to really think about what drew me to capturing that image in the first place.


After the event not only did I have some beautiful photos, with some new photography tips  to take back with me I also felt so relaxed, my mind was cleared and any worries I had were gone. Even thinking about the drive back home afterwards didn’t faze me this time.

I enjoyed attending Claire’s wellness walk and saw the amazing benefits of attending. They are not just photography focused so you don’t need to be an expert or even have a fancy camera to take part. I look forward to going to another one soon.

To attend one of Claire’s Wellbeing events take a look at her website for more details and to book