Homemade Potato & Leek Soup

A firm favourite in our house especially on cold winter days is my homemade potato and leek soup recipe with crusty rolls. It is so delicious, filling and wholesome and full of vegetable goodness.

Below I share with you my recipe for my potato and leek soup that I make using my pressure cooker but you can adapt the recipe and use a slow cooker or make it in a pan over the hob. This recipe is to cover a family of 5 and usually lunch the next day for both of us.

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Potato and Leek Soup Recipe


1 large onion

a splash of cooking oil

500g – 600g Potatoes

2 large leeks

1 Vegetable stock cube

800ml Water

Tablespoon Salt


Bread Rolls

Hand blender


1. First dice the onions then brown them with a bit of oil. I do this in my pressure cooker using the salute button but if you don’t have one you can brown the onions in a pan over the hob.

2. Chop up the potatoes (we leave the skin on for flavour but you can remove if you want to) and leeks then add them to the cooking pot with the onions.

3. Boiling the kettle and pour out 800ml of water into a measuring jug and then mix in the vegetable stock cube and tablespoon of salt. Once mixed in pour over the other ingredients in the pot. I then grind in some pepper for flavour.

4. Then give everything a good stir and put on to cook.

5. A slow cooker or pressure cooker will have built-in timers or will say in the manual how long to cook things for but if using the hob once the water is at boiling turn it down to a simmer and cook until the vegetables are tender.

6. Once done use a hand blender to blend the ingredients together to make soup.

7. Serve up with a buttered crusty roll and enjoy.

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I Love My Pressure Cooker

I love my pressure cooker and it is great for making stews and soups. If you want to read more about them take a look at my post on why pressure cookers are great for busy mums (I wrote this post before I turned Vegetarian)

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