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Poetry to Inspire and Uplift

Poetry to Inspire and Uplift is a collection of positive poetry and affirmations to help raise people’s spirits and bring a smile to their faces during difficult times.

Cheryl Lee-White used writing positive poetry to help her through the lockdown period. She now shares her work to help spread happiness to others and inspire them with positivity.

The pandemic has affected a lot of us and has had a detrimental effect on people’s mental health, which is why 50% of all sales revenue will be donated to Samaritans. A registered charity.

“It is heartwarming, powerful and some make you really think!”
Rebecca Fisher – The Coastal Mummy

“A charming collection of poems – some quirky, some funny, some wise. All written to provide the perfect antidote to the daily grind”.
Nicky Gilbody – Children’s Author

‘To give the gift of a smile,
Is a gift that is so worthwhile,
It can brighten up someone’s day,
When you send a smile their way.’

Pete The Cheeky Parakeet

A children’s rhyming picture book to promote friendship and kindness.

When Pete the Parakeet’s favourite person goes on holiday without him, he’s left behind with the rest of the family. The trouble is, none of them like him! Pete has been mean to everyone, and now he finds himself with no one to play with.

Pete’s family are willing to give him a second chance – if he can change his ways. Will Pete realise that being the bird with the bad attitude won’t get him anywhere? 

The Book of Silly Rhymes

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards Silver Medal Winner

Created especially for reluctant readers The Book of Silly Rhymes is packed full of short silly and a little bit rude rhymes for children.

The rhymes are easy to read and follow along with and the book is printed in the open dyslexia font.