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Spy Danger by Justin Davis – Book Review

We have been reviewing Spy Danger the follow on book from Escape from Nettle Farm by Justin Davis.


Spy Danger is about the adventures of the Baker family when they go for a weekend stay at Castle Arden. The Baker children Millie, Jamie, Zach and their Dog Harvey uncover a plot to steal the forgotten treasure that is hidden in the castle.They become real spy’s and have to decode the clues and try to outwit the thieves.

My girls enjoyed reading this book, it is a wonderful adventure story with drama and excitement. Although it is a follow on from Escape from Nettle Farm you could read this book on its own and still understand the story, however both books are a good read so it would be worth reading them as a series.

It is a great book for any children that love adventure, clues and spying. It is perfect for young readers and has detailed sketched drawings throughout the book to bring the story to life. It is a good length to keep them going for a while and it is easy to read and follow the story. My 7 year old was able to read the story herself.

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