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Silasip – An ingenious cup lid for toddlers!


Anyone who has or has had children will know how difficult the transition phase from bottle to cup is. Hand eye coordination and a steady hand in children takes a while to build up especially with a toddler that is always on the go.

If you go from bottle straight to a cup then you are probably going to end up mopping up quite a few spills. I made the mistake once of giving my daughter a cup to early and she spilt the whole contents of the cup all down her front and that put her off using a cup again for quite a while.

The other alternative has always been to use a sippy cup however the spouts get chewed, are a nightmare to clean and they are bad for children’s teeth.

Dr Burhenne a family and sleep medicine dentist found that using a sippy cup prevents normal development in the mouth and can also cause cavities in children. 

I never liked using sippy cups when my girls were young and they never really got on with them so instead we struggled on with cups and constant spills.

Now the answer to this problem is here!

Claire Massingham of Silasip has created an answer to solve our problems. She has made a simple yet so effective spout-less lid that will go over almost any cup. Not only is it great for parents as it means a lot less spills and no more scrubbing those hard to get too spouts it is also perfect for children as it gives them the sense of using a cup and builds their coordination without them soaking themselves.


This is Claire’s story of how she came up with this genius invention –

It was when my daughter Rose, now 3, was starting to drink out of a cup that I had the idea for a spout free, stretch cup cover. I wanted something that would give her the real feeling of drinking from a cup but without the straws, spouts and fiddly bits to clean.

After watching her throw her drink all down herself a number of times and also having had to deal with the tedious cleaning of various bottles, sippy cups and all their various parts, I needed to find something different. Then one day I had what some may call a ‘Eureka’ moment and Silasip was born!


After a few tweaks to homemade prototypes we were on our way to solving the problem of juice going down their fronts and being able to let them drink happily from their ‘grown up’ cups without me having to hover around them ready to catch the spills.

The great thing about Silasip is, we’ve kept it simple.


It’s as close as you can get to drinking out of a cup independently, with a lot less spills. After all, as an adult I don’t have numerous, spouts and straws when I drink out of a cup!

By keeping it simple it has proven itself to be more than useful, and not just for children.


Silasip is also being used in a number of different situations where there is a need to lessen the spills, with the elderly, people with special needs, those physically impaired, anyone with shaky hands and it’s also great for use whilst travelling for example in motorhomes or on a boat, the list for its uses goes on.

You can get in touch with Claire at Silasip via her Facebook page


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