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Our Review of the Human Heroes Educational App

We have been reviewing the award winning Human Heroes educational game apps for children and what a great app it is. 

What is the Human Heroes App

The Human Heroes educational science apps cover topics such as reading clocks, the states of matter, and counting seconds, as well as the basic theories behind more advanced subjects such as radioactivity, atoms, and the chemical refinement process. Human Heroes’ aim is to enable children to become inspired by real-life heroes from history. These apps feature Albert Einstein and Marie Curie to inspire children and they are voiced by Stephen Fry and Miriam Margolyes.

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Our Review

This is a great app for home learning. My girls have enjoyed playing the games and have learnt a lot from it.  They were struggling with telling the time before but the Einstein Human Heroes app has a great time telling game that has helped them with this and has been a fun way for them to learn. 

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My oldest daughter is learning about atoms at school so she enjoyed playing on the Marie Curie app and continuing her learning on this subject while currently homeschooling.  

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The graphics are very good, the games are vibrant and engaging so they keep the attention of children. Learning is a lot easier when it is fun and the Human Heroes apps definitely make learning science fun. I would recommend these apps to help parents with their children’s science learning. These apps are also a great aid for homeschooling and keeping children occupied. 

You can download the apps on android or apple, take a look at the Human Heroes website to find out more

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