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Mumpreneur on Fire 4

Mums in Business Association (MIBA) are about to do it again and produce the fourth book in their Mumpreneur on Fire series and I for one am really looking forward to its release.

I have read the last 3 inspiring books that all made it to number 1 best sellers on Amazon and have really enjoyed reading them. If you haven’t read one yet each book contains the stories of 25 amazing women sharing their trials and tribulations and how they have overcome them to become successful mums in business.

I was giving access to a taster of one of the chapters in the MOF4 book and I have to say it has left me wanting to read more.

The chapter I was privileged to have a sneak preview of was written by the lovely Jen Parker of Fuzzy Flamingo and what a chapter it was. Jen has battled on through serious health issues that have made life for her a struggle at times. She has had to give up jobs she enjoyed due to her health problems which in turn had an effect on her mental health.

Even through the hard times, what you feel from reading her story is not once does she dwell on her illness or feel sorry for herself; the whole chapter is written in a positive and motivating way. She shows that there is life beyond illness and although still hard at times there are always ways you can adapt to suit your needs. Her story will no doubt help thousands of women who suffer every day from illness.

In the background of her story, Jen talks about her mum and shares a bit about her life and struggles and just from reading the small snippets you can tell that her mum is also a true inspiration and no doubt has passed her can do attitude on to Jen.

A massive thank you to Jen and the other 24 women who have been brave enough to share their stories to help other women overcome their obstacles.

Due to the high demand already for people wanting to buy the Mumpreneur on Fire 4 book it has been released for pre-order early and have made it to number 1 on Amazon. You can buy your copy here 

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