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Mumpreneur on Fire 3 Book Review

Wow, I have been left in awe of these 25 inspiring ladies that have been brave enough to share their stories in the new Mumpreneur on Fire 3 book! Yet again Mum’s in Business Association (MIBA) has produced an amazing book that has had me gripped the whole way through.

I have previously read ‘Mumpreneur on Fire 1 & 2’ and I was so lucky to have been selected to review the 3rd book before it is released. Again it is another great book which details the stories of 25 amazing ladies who have battled their way through troubled times and come out as successful mums running their own thriving business.


Everyone of these ladies unique stories has inspired me, their hard work and dedication to succeed is mind blowing. I found reading about the hardships, struggles and traumatic experiences that these ladies have been through heartbreaking and their has been tears but to see how they have overcome their troubles to become happy successful business owners and are now sharing their story to help others find their way is just amazing.


As each story is completely different it is like 25 mini  stories all in one great book that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. The stories have all been written by the ladies themselves so you will find there are lots of different writing styles within the book which some are easier to follow along with than others but they all effectively communicate their experiences across and nearly all of them had me wanting to hear more.

This book helps show that being successful is not about how well educated you are it is about having the drive and determination to succeed. There is more to life than the 9-5 and you can be both a mum and successful in business as these mums have proved.

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