Interactive Easter Hunt – Wonder Adventures

We got to take part in the fun Interactive Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt that was put together by Wonder Adventures.

We have taken part in their interactive Dino ranger treasure hunt before that my girls really enjoyed so an Easter-themed version sounded great especially at the moment with us all being in lockdown.

The hunt comes with clear instructions on what to do and is easy to set up. There is a link to print off 6 colourful clue cards which you can then hide around the house or garden. If you are not able to print these off at the moment you can just draw and write what is on them on to a piece of paper and hide instead.

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You start off the hunt by playing a video of the Easter bunny who has a message for the children and gets them up doing lots of engaging movements as he teaches them his secret bunny skills.

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Once the video is over you will then get the first clue comes up that you can read out to the children. Once the children guess what the answer is they head off to find the clue card that has the correct answer on it.

Once they have found the right card they need to take note of the letter on that card and you can then go to the next clue, at the end of it they will have a word.

If you want to add in chocolate treats to the hunt you could add a small egg treat at each of the clues and then a big one at the end when they have their word or just a treat at the end of the hunt. I was feeling generous so did mini eggs at each clue and then gave them their big Easter eggs at the end.

Wonder Adventures hunts are very enjoyable and well put together, my girls enjoy them. They loved trying to figure out the riddle then tearing around the house trying to find the right clue cards.

The interactive videos are fun and engaging, my girls are just edging on the older side for these videos but still really enjoy the hunt itself including my 12-year-old. That said if you have younger children the video of the Easter Bunny is brilliant and will have them in amazement as they watch him dance and teach them his secret moves.

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