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Why you should visit Dunster in Somerset, UK

The medieval village of Dunster is one of my favourite villages in Somerset and I highly recommend visiting to anyone. Dunster is set between the foothills of Exmoor national park and the Somerset coast and is rich with history.


If you live in Somerset it is a great place to visit and that you can return to time and time again. If you are just on holiday in Somerset then Dunster should be on your list of places to visit.


On the approach to Dunster you will see the Dunster castle nestled high up in the hills in all its glory from the road. When you arrive in to Dunster village it is filled with character and history there is over 200 listed buildings within Dunster ensuring the charm is preserved.


What I love about Dunster is the sense of pride for the village every cottage is in good condition, freshly painted and with most having beautiful floral arrangements outside and this is all kept up by the residences of this pretty little village.


Dunster castle itself is well worth the entrance fee (or free to National Trust Members) just within the castle there is so much to see and do. 

Inside the castle it is full of history and beauty with the National Trust doing an amazing job to portray the castle as it would have been. From the castle you

will be taken aback by the far reaching views over Exmoor and the Bristol Channel.


You can enjoy a walk around the well-kept gardens and alongside the river that flows through the castle grounds and also visit the water mill that the National Trust has preserved and is still working.

When I visited there was a very knowledgeable employee that happily explained to us all how the mill works and just from using the power of the river.


Located in the village itself is the old yarn market still wonderfully preserved and a lovely prominent feature to the village. There are lots of lovely cafes, gift shops and art shops spread out along the main street.


There is also a packhorse bridge that you can walk across and in the summer months the river below is filled with children paddling in. It is also located right next to a well-equipped children’s park.


There is also the most beautiful thatched cottage covered in flowers and surrounded by a well-kept front garden. We were lucky enough on one of the days we visited that they were allowing people to look round there back garden which is truly amazing and they were a lovely friendly couple that welcomed us in.


If you like to walk then Dunster has some lovely walks details of one of them can be found here

If you are on holiday in the area why not make the visit to Dunster then head down to Porlock Weir about 20 mins drive away.


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