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The Wonders of Wookey Hole Caves

We went to Wookey Hole Caves and Activity park for my daughter 6th birthday in September and we all enjoyed a great day out. Wookey Hole has lots of things to do and see there.

Wookey Hole is located in the Somerset countryside so don’t be alarmed when your Sat Nav starts taking you down country lanes to get there, you are on the right track.

The caves at Wookey Hole are the main attraction but there are also lots of other great activities, I had planned to do some of the other attractions first then when the kids are happy, go exploring the caves.

What I didn’t know was to get into the attraction you have to go through the cave first. I actually think this works better as the children have no choice but to explore the caves if they want to get to the rest of the attractions.

Wookey Hole Caves

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

We have explored small tunnels before in Exeter so my children were all fine with the big Wookey Hole caves. We were all amazed by how large and beautiful they were and the guides are so knowledgeable, they overloaded us with so much information and pointed out so many interesting things in the cave. The colourful lighting inside also helps set the mood and add wonder to the experience.

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)
(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

During the tour, you are taken past the cheese room where behind a metal gate is rows and rows of Wookey Hole cheese that are stored in the cave to help the maturing process. The children were very quick to point out the strong cheese smell as you passed past the gates. I have to say that the cheese is very nice you can buy it in the shop outside the caves.

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

The last tunnel in the cave has not long been open so you do have to wear a hard hat to walk through it but as the guide assured us it is just a precaution due to the tunnel being so new.

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

The caves are pretty nippy inside so make sure you bring some layers and wear something warm whilst inside.

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

Outside Area

After visiting the caves you are taken out another exit which leads out into the grounds of the park. There is a decked area surrounded by lush green gardens with streams and waterfalls to look at with the rocky cliff backdrop that the caves are carved into. It is a beautiful spot to stand and enjoy your surroundings for a bit, that is if the kids will let you. The shop selling the cheese and wine is also located at the bottom of the decked path.

(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)
(<img alt="wookey hole caves">)

4D Cinema

Next stop we visited was the 4D cinema which was amazing. The effects and movements of the chairs make you feel as if you are immersed in the film. We were shown a clip from Monster Family which had spiders come at you and the air and streamers would tap your head and legs at the same to give the feeling of the spiders on you.

It can be quite scary for children of a nervous disposition so be aware before taking them in, they do change the film clips so it may have just been the one we watched that was a bit scary. 2 out of 3 of my children enjoyed it and only one was scared so that’s not bad going.

Circus Show

After thoroughly scaring the kids we went on into the building where we were just in time to catch the next circus show so we took a seat and waited for it to begin. My girls really enjoyed the show the performers ranged from about 6 – 30 years old and were all amazing. For weeks after my children talked about the show and how they wanted to be an acrobat, my youngest kept asking to be picked up so she could pretend to be doing the moves.

(<img alt="wookey hole circus">)

Indoor Play Area

There is an indoor play area where the children can run around and let off some steam while the adults can get a cuppa and sit and chill for a while.

Wall of Mirrors

When the children had finished with the play area we headed through the wall of mirrors which was great fun. Trying to find our way through and not walk face-first into a mirror is tricky but a good laugh. When we successfully negotiated our way round we went to the funny mirrors where the children spend a long time looking at how funny they looked and laughing at themselves.

(<img alt="wookey hole hall of mirrors">)

Paper Mill

Inside the building, there is also the paper mill where you can have a go at pressing paper this is an additional cost.

Vintage Arcade

There is a vintage arcade with the old fortune telling machines and lots of other interesting forgotten arcade games.


Outside there is miniature golf, another great activity for the children and adults to enjoy. We all had fun playing, there were a couple of holes in one but a lot more balls going adrift.


When you are all thoroughly tired out you can make your way to the lovely café selling the most delicious ice cream in loads of different flavours, what a great way to end a lovely day.


Wookey Hole Caves and activity park is a great family day out I would recommend visiting. There were 12 of us that went and all the children and adults enjoyed the day.

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