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Our Visit to Stanton Drew Stone Circles

We recently visited the ancient Stanton Drew stone circles in Somerset, UK. 

After finding out about these ancient stone circles from a clip on a tv program we decided to give them a visit especially as they were not too far away from us.

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About Stanton Drew Stone Circle

Staton Drew is the third largest complex of prehistoric standing stones in England however little is actually know about them. It is believed they were built around 4,500 years ago. 

Stanton Drew has 3 stone circles one large and 2 small. The Great Circle, measuring in at 113 metres across, is one of the largest stone circles in the country. It has 26 surviving upright stones, although there may once have been many more.

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There have been a few folklore tales said about the Stanton Drew stones one is that the stones were guests at a wedding party that was turned to stone by the devil as they danced on a Sunday. 

There is another that says at midnight on the sixth day after the full moon the stones can be seen walking down to the river to take a drink. 

(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)

Better than Stonehenge although not to look at

The Stanton Drew stone circle has not persevered particularly well and hardly resembles a circle anymore. Looking at these ancient stones they look nothing compared to the almost intact stone circle of Stonehenge but yet for us, we enjoyed our visit to the Stanton Drew stone circles more than Stonehenge.

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You can get up close 

With the Stanton drew stone circle you can get right up close to these amazing and very big ancient stones. You can even go as far as sitting or laying on top of them. My girls enjoyed searching over the stones looking for patches of quarts within them. 

(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)
(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)


To visit Stonehenge it costs us around £40 for a family of 5 whereas a visit to Stanton Drew costs us £5 which was placed in an honesty box on the gate.


Stanton Drew stone circle was busier than I thought it would be with a steady stream of visitors. We stayed the longest out of everyone and saw a few people come and go while we were there. However, it was nothing compared to how busy Stonehenge usually is.

There is however a very small car park with about 5 spaces in the middle of a small housing estate. The parking is free but if you have a caravan or motor home it is best to find somewhere to park out on the road as it is quite tight to get to where the parking for the stones is. 

(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)

The Energy

It is unreal the energy that you feel flowing through you when you are inside of the stone circle. I could feel the energy flowing through my chest at first I felt so strange and like my heart was shaking but once I chilled out it felt like a pleasant rush of energy. I did also have my crystal pendant on so maybe that intensified it. 

I am sure the energy inside Stonehenge is epic but everyday folk are not permitted inside so that is why I prefer Stanton Drew to Stone Henge. 

(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)

The Field

The stone field is shared by cows however they did stay over one side of the field when we visited (maybe it was feeding time) but the field does contain a lot of cowpats so you do need to be careful where you are treading. 

(<img alt="Stanton Drew Stone Circles">)

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