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Why you should be using this time to upskill

The importance of upskilling and ways to upskill during lockdown.

The one thing lockdown has given us is extra time but are you making the most of it and using this time to Upskill?

Why is it important to upskill!

We are heading into uncertain times especially when we come out of lockdown that is why it is so important to upskill.

It is likely the world will be different when things return back to some normality. The jobs that were there before Covid-19 may not be the same or in the worst case exist at all. That is why it is so important to take this time and learn what you can to broaden your skill range and ensure you have the best chances coming out of this pandemic. 

How to upskill while on lockdown!

When I say you should be upskilling I am not saying to go out and sign up to year-long courses that are going to cost the earth. There are more ways to learn and develop your skillset without breaking the bank and if you are willing to spend a little bit of time investing in yourself you will be a lot better off.


Reading is an effective way to acquire knowledge and there are books for every subject imaginable with a wealth of information just waiting to be picked up and read. Books are generally inexpensive and with the birth of Kindle, you can order and start reading instantly. 

Even if you don’t know what to learn about subjects like digital marketing or even motivation are topics that can benefit everyone in this age. After I was recommended it I recently read ‘The Subtle art of not giving a F**K’ and this was a brilliant book for motivation and learning to analyse what is important in your life.

Short Courses

Short courses are another great way to boost your skills during the lockdown. I have found that has a database full of online short courses in a vast array of subjects some at amazingly low prices. 

These are perfect for boosting your skillset. I have carried out courses in digital marketing, basic Portuguese and I am currently doing a photography diploma. If you are just looking to do these to gain knowledge then you can find courses for peanuts but a lot of the cheap ones charge quite high fees to obtain a certificate after you have finished the course. So please make sure you check what the certificate price is and if you want to have the proof of doing the course then make sure you factor in this cost before signing up. 

Social Media and the Internet

Social Media and the Internet is bursting full of knowledge all at the tip of our fingertips just waiting to be explored. You can find information on any subject you want on the internet. Experts will often give away a lot of free advice and tips on blogs and social media that can provide you with those all-important learning opportunities. I read blogs and join social media groups specific to my interests all the time to grow my knowledge. I have learnt more about photography from social media groups than anywhere else.

Through a social media group, I found a Facebook marketing course for £12 through Mums in Business Association that has provided me with so much information it was well worth the money spent.  

Podcasts and Online Videos

Podcasts and online videos can be full of information and provide great learning opportunities. The benefit of these is that you can listen and learn whilst carrying out your household chores. 

Trial and Error

Trial and error is a great way to learn especially with the extra time we have been given with lockdown. This is probably one of the most important ways we can upskill and keep continually learning. We shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes but be prepared to learn from them. 

I wanted to upskill my photography skills so I sat in the garden all day practising taking pictures of bees using trial and error. I must have had 100’s of rubbish pictures but I finally learnt what settings I needed and ended up with pictures to be proud of.

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What I have achieved from Upskilling

Since I took a pledge to keep constantly investing in myself and upskilling my knowledge my life has changed dramatically and my confidence has boomed. In the space of 3 years, I have built 2 websites from scratch without any prior knowledge, created a vibrant parenting blog and become an award-winning children’s author.

Before I started upskilling myself I was just the girl with dyslexia that wasn’t that great at spelling and grammar. When I recently built a new website I went back and reread all of my previous blogs and I will be the first to say they were awful. My writing has evolved tenfold since then and all because I am constantly upskilling and never giving up.

So why not spend at least one evening a week investing in yourself and growing and use these ways to upskill your knowledge.

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2 replies on “Why you should be using this time to upskill”

Does browsing knitting and crochet sites looking at all the pretty patterns and colour schemes count? 😉 Seriously though, I have been using online videos to improve on basic skills that I picked up during my school years, like embroidery and machine sewing.

I would say it does as it is giving you inspiration. That is great to hear that you are using this time to develop your embroidery and machine sewing skills well done.

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