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The Unfair mum! Should my 10 year old have a Mobile Phone?

Am I the only mum who won’t let my 10 year old have a mobile phone!!

According to my kids, I am the only mum in the whole world that doesn’t let her kids have phones. Both my 8 & 10 year old tell me that everyone in their classes have mobile phones and they are the only ones that don’t. They don’t stop going on! 

All the time they are asking for phones and reeling off a list of everyone of their friends that have one and what type of phone they have. I have to listen to them all the time telling me how unfair I am for not letting them.

Why do 8 & 10 year olds need phones anyway?

They already spend far too much time on their tablets and when they finally do go out to play or find an activity to do it is so nice to see them playing together as kids should play, how we all used to play before electronic devices were around.


I feel that if I let them have phones then when they go out to play instead of being children and playing around in the dirt they will sit there on their phones and spend even more time looking at a screen. They are growing up so quickly nowadays that I want them to enjoy being a child for just that little bit longer as they only get one childhood.


If I did let them have a phone, there is the benefit that if they are out playing I can call or text them when I want them and they can do the same to me, but even there is a benefit they don’t go out to play far from the house so I know where they will be. If I was to give them a phone for this reason it would be a call and txt phone only with no apps or internet but then I think that they would hate that even more than not having a phone. Not to mention who would they call and txt apart from me at that age anyway.

We have said that when Bella starts secondary school she can then have a phone, in an ideal world I would make her wait till about 14 years old as I hate seeing young people now just all sitting around looking at their phones. When we were 12 years old we were out on our bikes all day actually talking and making conversation with people and I want my children to have these memories that our generation have, not ones of meeting down the park to sit on a bench talking about the latest youtube craze. They do enough of that at home on their tablets.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this and if you agree or disagree with me, I am open to hearing what everyone else thinks and if I should give up the nostalgia of how our childhood was and get with the times.

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