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The Benefits of a Postcard Collection!

We have discovered that a postcard collection is a great way to install a sense of travel and adventure into children. It also creates a great keepsake for them to look back over and remember all the wonderful places that they have visited.

Whenever you travel somewhere new with children buy them a postcard for their collection and watch it grow and become a book of memories to be treasured.


I don’t mean just getting postcards when travelling on holiday as we all know how expensive family holidays are and how little we get to go on them.  Travelling and adventure to me is going to any place that you have not been before, whether it be a museum, beach, farm, or gardens as long as it is somewhere new, even if it is just down the road. We have collected postcards from a lot of the national trust places and English heritage places and other attractions that we have visited over the years as well as from our holidays abroad.


You will find most places sell postcards in the gift shops and they are not expensive either. My children love searching through them to find the one they like the most and taking them home to add in their postcard collection book.

Quite often we will all sit down to look through the book at the different postcards and remember when we visited that place and the fun we had there.

If I am being honest with you all, this collection didn’t start because of the benefits I have mentioned above it all started because postcards were the cheapest thing in the gift shop, that you always have to walk through on your way out of these places. It was easier to bargain with a postcard than to tell them they can’t have anything at all. It was when they had a few and I noticed how excited they were to collect another one and saw them recalling the day they had spent there I realised what a great idea it was and how much it can benefit them.

I found these lovely photo albums in Wilkos for £5.00 that are perfect for fitting postcards in they do have other designs but the world map was fitting with the collection.


I would urge you all to try this with your children, it is a great keepsake, it gets you all out and about and it is a collection that doesn’t take up too much room.

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