Sea Vs Air – Benefits of Ferry Travel with Kids

We recently went on holiday to France with the children and we took the ferry for the first time and I have to say we all preferred it to air travel so I decided to put together this post on sea vs air travel with kids and the benefits of travelling by ferry with kids.

Taking the Ferry

Travel by sea is, of course, limited to your destination choices and can take considerably longer however the time goes quickly as you are able to walk around, there are activities on board and you can go outside to watch the world go by.

We have done air travel a few times with kids and although I would do it again I would choose the ferry over a plane any day as it is so much easier with kids.


The Benefits of Traveling by Ferry with Kids

You can take your own car

One of the biggest benefits for us travelling by ferry is that we could take our own car. Every time we go on holiday we always hire a car so that we can travel around and explore so being able to take our own car saved us a lot of money. It is always nicer being in your own car than a hired one and is great that you have your own child car seats. 

Having our own car also made a huge difference to the children as though the whole boarding experience they just got to sit there and chill oblivious to everything.

The Ease of Boarding

When we first arrived at the port we handed our passports to the staff through the car window and all we were asked to do was wind down the back window so they could see the children in the back. We were then waved through and drove over to security where they asked us questions and checked the boot and around the car but for the kids they were already back to playing on their tablets and didn’t notice a thing of what went on for us to pass through security.

As my eldest daughter suffers from anxiety so boarding the ferry was a breeze compared to facing airport security. When we have travelled by plane before, she needs to be encouraged to walk through the airport scanner by herself which she can just about cope with. However, last time I failed big time and I forgot to take her bow out of her hair so she set it off. This happened to be at Gatwick where she then had to go through the full-body scanner which was very difficult for her and took quite a while and a lot of tears to get her through it. 

There are Entertainment and things for kids to do

It is also much easier to keep children occupied on the ferry journey than on a plane. They are free to move about and walk around the ship, there are normally lots of things to do onboard. The ferry we were on had shops, restaurants, a cinema, play area and arcade to visit. You can also go out to the back of the ferry and look over the sea as you travel through the waves and right up to the top open deck.


We went with Brittany Ferries so they offer lots of activities for children during the journey like a colouring competition, magic show, balloon animals and a hunt around the ship.


When we have flown to our destinations the most excitement the kids have on the plane is when they get to walk down the aisle to use the loo and trying to keep them entertained for 4 hours whilst sitting on a plane is a hard task but with the ferry, it was a breeze.


We will be getting the ferry again

We are now even considering getting the ferry again next year either to Spain or to France again. The journey will take 3 times longer than the plane but it will be so much easier and more fun. We can take our car and the children will find it less stressful. To us, travel is about enjoying the journey just as much as the destination.

Although sea travel is now our favourite method we will still be travelling by planes in the future as the destination has a big impact on how we travel as the ferry is limited to where it can go. However, to countries where we have the choice of sea or air travel, we will be choosing the sea from now on when we are travelling with the kids.

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