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Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns’ Parenting course review

If you haven’t heard of Growth & Grit as a parent then you really should take a look at their website. It is packed full of resources and advice for parents and the owner Eloise is so knowledgeable. She has almost 20 years experience working with children who have various needs. She is a teacher, with a specialist focus on emotional intelligence, Autism and different behaviour approaches not to mention she is a certified parent educator, relax kids coach and certified MHFA.

I have been trying out her new course ‘Managing the Mayhem of Meltdowns’. This is an online course that takes around an hour and half to complete, it is broken down into handy sections so if you are short on time you can do a section at a time.

At the beginning there is a handy resource pack that you can download and use during the course which has space for you to fill in and answer questions about your own experiences.  It is also full of helpful information and resources that you can take away with you after finishing the online part and use again and again.


The first thing that I found with this course is that is very well researched, it hasn’t just been thrown together with what you should and shouldn’t do. It is clear that Eloise has put a lot of time and effort into it, the videos are packed full of knowledge and she has put a lot of research into it so as to give parents the best advice possible to manage children’s meltdowns.

The first section of the course is all about the science behind meltdowns in children and an insight into what is happening in their little brains that got them to this point. It also covers the different types of meltdowns in children and gives you an explanation to why and also what is happening to them during these meltdowns.

What I think sets this course apart from others is the understanding that Eloise has with parents, there is no judgement at all and she recognises how hard parenting can be and  shares some of her own experiences. The course focuses just as much on why tantrums happen, as it does on ways to best deal with a meltdown.

All the videos in this course are clear and easy to follow. Everything is explained in a simple to understand way including the science part. Eloise has such a caring and relaxed manner about her that really shows through in the videos that helps you to stay focused.

I am a note taker and find writing things down as I watch helps me take everything in and the speed and pace of the course works perfectly.


Since taking this course I do feel better equipped to helping and understanding my children’s emotions and how best to try an avoid or guide them through any meltdowns they may have. I have also been implementing her mind, body and soul section and spending at least 10 mins a day with my children, uninterrupted, with no smart phones or tablets just doing what they want to do and it has had amazing effects on us as a family already.

The cost of the course is £120 (it will be on sale from 24th January 2019 – 1st February 2019) , this shouldn’t be looked at as a cost but as an investment. When you break it down in terms of will it better my family life, will it help with stress associated with my child’s behaviour, will it help me manage my children better, will it help me to feel less anxious when on an outing with my child, will it help my child’s future? When the answer to all of these are yes then the £120 seems like a great investment.

For more information on this course please take a look at the Growth and Grit website.


I have been given free access to this course in order to write a review.

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