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Kid’s Homeschooling Activities

A selection of easy kid’s homeschooling activities that my girls have enjoyed doing.

I wanted to share with you a couple of kid’s homeschooling activities that have worked well for us this week. As we have all been thrown in the deep end of homeschooling our children, I thought this post would help others that like me are finding it a bit of a struggle.

To make clear I have no teaching qualifications or knowledge of the curriculum I am just a parent doing the best I can. I am writing this post to share the kid’s homeschooling activities we came up with that my girls enjoyed doing. Of course there was a lot of activities we tried that were a complete failure too but below are the ones that worked well. 

Research on different Countries 

We started this homeschooling activity by getting up a world map. I then covered my daughter’s eyes while she pointed at the screen and whatever country she pointed to we would learn about. 

Once we had a country picked we made a poster of that country.In the corner we drew the flag and then searched up on Google to find out facts about that country and add them to the poster. 

At first we did a poster together however my girls got into the activity and wanted to do it by themselves. Altogether they did posters on Canada, Mexico, India, Portugal, Chad and Italy finding out some amazing facts about each country. 

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)
(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)
(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)

Animal A-Z

I set my girls the task of writing down a list of animal names from A-Z with 2 or 3 for each letter. They used Google to search these up and found out about new animals they had never heard off especially for the unusual letters. 

As an extra they then picked one of these unusual animals and did a poster writing down facts they found out about it. 

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)

Jewellery shop

My girls enjoy making things so I bought some beads, charms and string for them to make bracelets. They used the different colour beads to think about patterns when making their bracelets. 

After we made them we discussed selling them at a stall and what price we should sell them at and I explained about profit. 

We then worked out from the cost of what I bought the beads for how much each bracelet would cost us to make. From that we then worked out how much we would need to sell them for to make profit. 

This is a great activity to get kids learning business skills from a young age. It shows them how maths is important and used in everyday life and also gets them to be creative. 

It doesn’t have to be bracelets you could make anything your children are interested in and then do this little activity. 

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)

Write a silly rhyme

My girls seemed to enjoy this activity especially as the rhymes they were writing were silly. Alexa at 8 year old just wrote a lot of 2 line rhymes but it got here thinking about words that rhyme. 

Lia and Bella at 10 and 12 years old managed to write a full silly rhyme each which they enjoyed as it gave them a giggle when writing. 

The YouTube channel 

Like most children nowadays my girls are desperate to get a YouTube channel of their own. While I am not quite ready to let them have one just yet I used this to create a learning activity. I set them the task of coming up with a name for their channel and then creating a logo to go with it. 

I have to say I was so proud of what they came up with they really put their heart and soul into it. As well as drawing out a logo they then found a drawing app on their tablets and worked out how to use the layers and created their logos digitally. 

I won’t share their logos in case they do want to use them but below is some pictures my 10 year old made using the drawing app.

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)
These were made on the app by my 10 year old
(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)
This was made on the app by my 10 year old

Create a comic

My girls abosutley loved this activity and made some fabulous comics it kept them busy for a while. Now I would love to say I came up with this task straight away and they got on with but it didn’t happen like that. 

I originally set them the task of writing a poem about lockdown that didn’t go down to well and then I changed it to write me a story about anything. Again this was a failure and all they did was write a title then moan for 20 mins. 

That was when I thought about getting them to make a comic instead. They all love drawing and comics have minimal writing so it was perfect. They still had to think about story lines and planning out their stories into the boxes they just got to do a lot less writing.

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)

Learning Animation

I signed up for free accounts with The Khan Academy where the girls learned how to do animation and basic coding. This is a great way to get them started on the basics for coding and computers. My girls really enjoyed these activities my 8 year old needed a little bit of help but my 10 and 12 year old were able to follow the tutorials and get on with it unaided.

(<img alt="kid's homeschooling activities">)

I do feel it is important to install a good concept of money and the basics of business in them from a young age, which is often missing from schooling. So lets try are best to embrace this homeschooling opportunity and focus more on some of the learning elements they don’t get from from school.

We have also found that the topmarks website, BBC bitesize website and The Human Heroes app have all been great homeschooling learning aids.

Please do share any kid’s homeschooling activities that have gone well for you and your children or any useful websites.

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