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Balancing Screen Time for Kids

Kids need to learn computers

As modern-day parents we are facing a new dilemma with our children and the boom of electronics. In this day and age, it is important for our children to be familiar with electronics and how they work. By having a good knowledge of computers it will help them in the future. However balancing screen time is also vital so they will learn and experience other things.

Kids also need time off electronics

However, it is also important for them to be outside playing, interacting with other children and being imaginative by thinking up their own games. This will help keep them fit, healthy, develop motor skills and also help improve their well-being and happiness. Read my post on the Benefits of nature and how to enjoy them post for more info on the importance of people outside.

What is the Right Balance

It is so hard to find the balance or even to know what the balance should be. How much is too much time on their tablets? I have looked into it and all the advice I can find is that appropriate time limits should be set however some places say no more than 2 hours a day and some say less than 2 hours a day. My girls are early risers so they could do this before I even get out of bed especially on the weekend.

(<img alt="kids on computers">)

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If I let them they would happily spend all day zombified to their tablets/computers and although they may moan, once they are outside playing they are happy children climbing trees and playing with each other in the park like we used to do as children.

(<img alt="everyone on computers">)
They even got their uncle into playing Roblox with them

I have to admit that on the weekends my girls probably do spend more than the 2 hours a day on their electronics.

After having breakfast they are normally on them until about 10/11 am when we then take them out or I send them out to play with their friends. Unless the weather is really bad they will stay outside for most of the day just playing and being children. Then they will go back on their tablets in the evening sometimes for another 2 hours.

In the summer, however, we are pretty much out for the whole weekend and they barely even look at their electronics but again this depends on the weather and in the UK it is usually raining more than it is sunny.

Balancing Screen Time

Here are some ways that I have implemented to balance my girls screen time that has worked well –

1. In the weekday mornings, they are not allowed to touch electronics until they are completely ready for school. They are normally slow at getting ready so most mornings they never even get to go on their tablets. This is also a great way to get them ready for school on time.

2. After school, we have the rule of no electronics until after dinner although annoyingly they do still get around this sometimes as they have homework that needs to be done on a computer, generally this works really well.

They will go out to play burn off some energy and then after dinner, they can have a chill time on their electronics before heading to bed. On days with bad weather, they play games or do some drawing.

(<img alt="kids at the park">)

3. Weekends, however, are a lot harder as I want to be more relaxed. I find letting them go on in burst works well. So I let them have an hour on their computers and then tell them they have to get off and do something else either go to the park, a walk or a different activity. Usually, if the weather is nice once they are out they will stay out for hours. If the weather is bad they usually do an activity for around 1-2 hours then go back on for an hour until I repeat the process again.

What tips do you have for balancing screen time please comment below.

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