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Fruit Kebabs

After watching a program on her tablet Lia came up with the idea that we had to have ‘Fruit Kebabs’ for pudding or ‘Fruit Kebobs’, as my girls call them.

So that morning I was sent off to work with a shopping list of fruits that she needed to make her kebabs for that evening.

My list consisted of bananas, strawberries, grapes and apples. It was the first time ever that the girls had asked for fruit for pudding rather than me telling them ‘No’ to sweets and cakes and saying that fruit is all they are allowed.

My girls are good at eating fruit and enjoy a wide variety but given the chance they would choose a cake or a chocolate bar over fruit any day. Well I think most of us would so I can’t blame them.

On my lunch break I had collected all the items that she had requested and bought them back ready for them to get stuck in. I had also added in there a  secret ingredient, which was a bar of milk chocolate, well after all it is the school holidays so they deserve a treat every now and then.

I laid the fruit on the table and the girls set to work chopping the banana into slices, the strawberries into halves and the apples into chunks.


Once all prepared we grabbed our Kebab sticks and set to work filling them with the fruit trying to keep them in a set pattern, which was more for the look than the taste but got the girls using their minds to create patterns with their food.


The apples were a little hard to get on but with a bit of a gentle wiggle we managed to get them on. All the girls including Alexa at 5 years old was able to get the other fruits on all by themselves.


Once all the kebabs had been prepared I bought out my secret ingredient, the bowl of melted chocolate. The girls were happy enough with the fruit kebabs but when they saw the chocolate, their little faces lit up.  The girls set about drizzling it over the fruit whilst spinning the kebab to get an even cover, even though I think the table cloth was covered more than the kebabs.


We really should have let the kebobs cool in the fridge so the chocolate could have set but instead we just couldn’t wait. We eat the Kebobs straight away and ended up with chocolate dripping down are faces, they still tasted great but we all did get a little messy.

I would recommend leaving them to set in the fridge if you are going to make them with chocolate.

This is a great activity for children as they can prepare and make them with very little adult help. It can help build motor skills and to further the learning you can get them thinking about patterns when layering the fruit. Not to mention it is a fun way to get your children to eat there fruit and the chocolate is optional. You can also vary the fruit so can make different Kebobs every time.

These would also be great for a BBQ and it will be something that the children can get on and prepare for you while you can get on with the million other things that need to be done before a BBQ.

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