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Children’s Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween Window Decorations

We love making our own Halloween decorations to display in our windows. We use Amos glass deco pens to create our own peelable window stickers. These pens are easy to use, you just make your design on the plastic sheet provided and then when they are dry peel off and stick on your window. They can easily be removed from the window afterwards. Take a look at my post on these amazing pens and what you can create.


Pumpkin Carving

Of course pumpkin carving has to be on the list. Halloween wouldn’t be the same without it. To add more fun to this activity why not visit a pick your own farm to collect your pumpkins instead of buying them from the supermarket. This will help show children where they come from and how they are grown as well as getting everyone out in the fresh air.


When carving your pumpkins I would advise that you invest in a pumpkin carving kit. I always used to use a knife which was difficult and the kids couldn’t really join in but since I found the carving kits it has made it so much easier and they are safer for children to use.


Halloween Tote Bags

Decorating your own Halloween tote bags is a fun activity.  Just get some plain tote bags and some fabric paint or even sharpies and create your own Halloween designs. When you are creating them I would advise sticking a piece of cardboard inside to stop the design transfering through to the other side. Once they have dried you will have a cool tote bag to collect up your Halloween candy.


Halloween Biscuits

These are an easy, quick and yummy Halloween craft. Just get some digestive biscuits, white marshmallows and pink icing. Spread the pink icing on either side of the biscuit, place some white marshmallows inside cut 2 marshmallows into a fang shapes and place on either side then put the two biscuits together to make a mouth.


Halloween Dolls

When I worked as a childminder I got through so many of these handy cut out dolls they are perfect to make into anything. These are a great simple Halloween craft as you can turn them into mummies, vampires, zombies ect. You can then use them as a Halloween display afterwards. All you need is some colouring pens and imagination.

Halloween Hama Bead bowls

Halloween hama bead bowls make great bowls to put your Halloween candy in for your trick or treaters and look really cool as well. Take a look at my blog post on Hama bead bowls for instructions on how to make them. 


Halloween Rock Painting

A great way to spread the Halloween joy is to paint some rocks in spooky pictures and hide around outside for people to find. Take a look at my post on Rock painting to find out more and what paints are best to use.


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