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7 Tips on How to Create a Stunning Playroom in the Garden

A kids’ playroom in the garden or backyard is the best gift you can ever give your child. It is not a Herculean task; we assure you. A bit of patience, some mind-blowing tips, and a lot of love will guide you to success.

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A playroom in the garden can be a great place to play as well as meditate. It gives the children a sense of their own space and peace. But one must never ignore the aspect of taking measures of safety, insulating the kids’ playroom and other protective steps. The best hammer drill and nails are the most important things that you would need to erect a playroom for your kid in the garden. 

1. Importance of Flooring 

The flooring is a crucial aspect of the kids’ playroom organization. Since it will be exposed to rough weather and rain, it is wiser to have a laminated floor instead of wooden flooring. In case of any spillage due to your children’s activities or natural cause, you may very conveniently wipe it off. Regular wooden flooring will only cause the floor to swell and incur heavy damage. 

Also, use standard material for the flooring. Since it is a child’s play area, it is likely to get dirtier than your normal room. Make sure cleaning the surface is easy. You may also consider rubber flooring.

2. Styling 

Consider how do you prefer your playroom to look like. You can convert your garden into a playroom for smaller children, or if you want to construct a playroom for older children, the shepherd’s hut style will be the best. It can accommodate kids’ playroom furniture like beds where they can invite friends and have a sleepover.

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3. Insulation

While indulging in a kids’ playroom in the garden, parents often overlook the aspect of insulation. In fact, the need for insulation in any home is undeniable. Since it is in the outdoors, the temperature needs to be regulated, or else it would freeze in the winters and be a furnace in the summer – in both cases, it would only make your child uncomfortable or even sick.

4. Layout 

Kids’ playroom decor is all about the layout. Since it won’t have many decorative items like luxurious showpieces and sorts, the look of the room will come from its basic layout. Try to keep furniture to minimal. Remember the more space the better it is. It is a ‘play’ room and does not require to store many things besides toys playthings and whatever may be your child’s preference. However, you can always indulge in wall painting and designing to give it a vibrant look. Colorful walls go great with the minimalistic layout in a kids’ playroom. 

5. Supervision

Keeping an eye on the children while they enjoy their playhouse is important. Install CCTV cameras to supervise them while you work and cannot be physically present with them. Make sure you also regularly check on them while they are at play. 

An unsupervised playroom can easily become an accident spot.  

Be careful about the kids’ playroom light. Try to keep the place well lit and all the wires concealed. Do not place the lightning systems close to the ground. You can either have fixed light sets or high lights. 

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6. Toy Storage System

Building a large all in one storage cabinet for toys is one of the best kids’ playroom ideas that you can adopt. It will save space and keep the room organized. 

You can build it across one whole wall with cabinets or an open shelf. However, do not make it to high as it could give rise to an accident if the children try to reach them with the help of chairs or stools. 

This will also teach your children to be organized and responsible for their belongings. Make it imperative for them to sort the toys back in the cabinet after they are done playing. 

7. Ventilation

If you do not plan on installing an AC (which we do not recommend), make sure your kids’ playroom’s ventilation system is top-notch. Since it is situated in the garden, improper ventilation can be suffocating for children, making them uncomfortable. 

This part of your playroom will probably be the cheapest and yet one of the most important. So do not overlook it for the sake of your own safety and comfort. 

What are you waiting for? All the above mentioned are kids’ playroom ideas on a budget. Hence do not hesitate to try your hand at it. These are very basic yet most important for any kids’ playroom. You may indulge in a fancier version of this playroom, but do not forget these tips. Follow them like commandments, and you shall have the best playroom. Share your experiences with us in the comment section. We love to hear from you.

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