Children's Crafts and Activities

Rainy Day Children’s Crafts and Activities

Rainy day crafts and activities

Here is my list of 13 activities and crafts to enjoy with children on a rainy day.


Hama beads are a perfect rainy day craft for both children and adults. I enjoy crafting with them just as much as they do and we can all enjoy hours of creating our masterpieces. You can use Hama beads to make fridge magnets, key rings, earrings and even bowls. For more info check out my blog on Hama Beads.



Amos Glass deco pens are filled with liquid gel that you squeeze out onto a plastic sheet in the design that you want and once dried you can peel them off and use as decorative window stickers, which can be peeled off without any mess. 

They are easy to use, you just need to make sure that you don’t smudge them before they are dried. For more information on these check out my post on Amos Glass Deco Pens.



Den Making is another great rainy day activity. What child doesn’t love a good den and the sense of pride once they have created it. Whether you go all out to create a masterpiece of a den or just throw a spare cover over a couple of chairs, den making will keep them entertained and once built it will keep them occupied for hours as they will happily sit inside and play.



Cake Making fits right in on the rainy day activities as when the weather is rubbish what’s better than to curl up with a slice of homemade cake. Getting children familiar with the kitchen at a young age is so important and will help them in later life. It is an activity that everyone can enjoy and provides a great end result. You probably will be stuck with the washing up afterwards unless you have the kids well trained.



Homemade pizzas is one of my favourite activities to do with my children as not only does it keep them entertained but dinner gets made at the same time. Homemade pizzas always taste so much better than shop bought and the kids can custom the toppings how they want. I am sure nearly all parents will understand how difficult it is to find a pizza topping that everybody likes and will eat. For more information and recipes take a look at my post homemade pizza.



Salt dough shapes are a great children’s craft as they are cheap and easy to make and you can stretch the activity out over 2 days. This consists of one day of moulding and shaping the dough into what you want to make and then the next day once it has dried the children can then paint and decorate them. Take a look at the post I wrote on beach shell keepsakes for a salt dough recipe.


Pom Pom monsters are a fun children’s craft and look cool once made. First pick the wool and make the pompoms (if you have younger children you can do this bit for them) then once made decorate however you want them to look. The crazier the better.



Crazy Dancing can be a really fun activity and can burn off a lot of energy. You can do this from just playing some music and all dancing away or put up a Youtube video and copy the dancing. I guarantee if everyone gets involved including parents then you will be happy and laughing together in minutes not to mention everyone will be worn out afterwards allowing for some chill time.


Lego can provide hours of fun activity on a rainy day and really bring out a child’s creative side. Instead of just letting the children play why not dive in and all club together to see what amazing things you can create together as a family. Another spin on lego is using the minifigures to create situations and then taking photos of them this can be a fun activity. It will get children using their creativity to think of fun positions to place the figures in and it will also help your child learn to use a camera.



A Tickle fight, while this may not be an all day activity it will kill a few minutes and have everyone especially the children laughing and burning some energy. This usually entails me being the tickle monster chasing the children around and once caught giving them a good tickle.


Pom Pom rugs can be a great activity for the older children and the finished rugs look amazing. If you have mastered the PomPom making this is definitely an activity to try. Adding the pompoms to the mat and making sure they are positioned right can take a while so make sure you leave enough time for this activity. For more information and instructions take a look at my post Pom Pom Rugs.



Sketching can be a fun activity for everyone to join in. I am no artist but there is something calming and peaceful about drawing. A good way for everyone to join in is to all pick the same thing to draw or use a how to draw guide and then see how they all turn out together. The best thing about drawing the same thing is that you will all learn together and can help each other along the way. Youtube has some good videos with step by step drawing guides.



Painting is a great way to pass the time on a rainy day and children love to paint. When I used to be a childminder the paints were always out. If you are struggling for drying space as children do like to do at least 5 pictures each then a handy tip is to dry them in the oven on a very low heat. I promise you it works a treat and the kids all think it is hilarious that you are cooking their paintings. If you don’t have any paint brushes let them use their fingers to paint just make sure you have a way of cleaning their hands before they go off through the house.

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