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Children’s Christmas Decoration Craft Ideas

Hand print Baubles

We all had great fun making these handprint baubles last year and they will be taking pride of place on the tree again this year. They are really easy to make and look amazing.

What you need –

A plain coloured bauble

Acrylic paint

Marker pens (I recommend sharpies)

First paint your hand ensuring that the fingers are covered in acrylic paint, slapping it on thick to make sure there are no gaps.

Then take your plain bauble and carefully wrap your painted fingers around. Hold for a few seconds to transfer the paint then carefully peel your hand away. If you want to add a few extra drops of snow around the bauble then use your little finger and dab some paint around.

Once you have done this then leave your bauble to dry, I hung mine from the door handles but be careful where you hang them as you don’t want to get paint everywhere. When the paint has dried take out your sharpies and add in the detail to your picture, we made snowman handprint baubles so we added the face, scarf, hats and arms but you can add and make whatever you like.


Window sticker decorations

Instead of buying Christmas gel window sticker decorations this year why not make them yourself. The kids will enjoy it and handmade decorations always look better and give a sense of pride to see something you made hanging up.

What you would need –

Amos glass deco pens

Plastic wallet

Paper and a pen

If you buy a pack of Amos glass deco pens they will come with a plastic sheet to create your designs on but we have found that using plastic wallets work just as well and it is easier to keep the template still inside the wallet whilst using the pens.

The packs come with templates but you can also print or draw a picture yourself and use this as your template to make into your window stickers. Once you have done this place your template in your plastic wallet or line it up behind the plastic sheet and using one of the special liner pens go round the outline of your drawing. Once you have done this leave for a while to harden slightly then use the other colour pens to fill in your picture.

Once you have finished leave them to one side to dry overnight. Once they are fully dried, slowly peel them off and stick on a window of your choice.


Sock snowman

These are great fun to make and you can use your imagination to make them look as different or funky as you like. They are great to put on shelves or window sills to add to the Christmas spirit.


What you will need –

white socks (we used men’s socks)

Cheap packets of rice

Buttons/stick on gems


Marker pens (I recommend sharpies)

Orange paper or card

Strong glue or Fabric Glue

First pour some rice into the bottom of the sock until you have enough to make the body then twist the sock round quite a few times to seal the rice in. Then pour in some more rice about half as much as you used for the body. Once you have filled the head of the snowman, again twist it at the top a few times to seal in the rice then fold the top over the head to make a hat. If you are happy with the way it looks then put a small line of glue around the inside edge of the hat so that it will stick to the head and stay in place. If the hat is too big you can trim the top of the sock until you are happy with the way it looks.


After that you are ready to decorate, we added ribbon round the neck to make scarf’s, glued orange card to the face to make a carrot nose and then the children were let wild with the sharpies to design their snowmen’s faces. We also added some gemstone stickers and buttons that we found in the cupboard, to give them a bit of bling.


Hama Bead Baubles

Anyone who follows my blog will know how much we love Hama beads. We have made all sorts of things using these amazing little beads, so it made sense to use them to make Christmas tree decorations.

What you will need –

Hama Beads

A square peg board

Ironing paper


First lay out the outline of the bauble with the beads on the peg board, once you are happy with the shape use the different colour hama beads to make your patterns inside the bauble. When you have finished with your design place the ironing paper over the top and iron. Once it has cooled down I like to take it off the board and flip it over and iron on the reverse as this helps strength it.


Then when it has cooled enough to touch, at the top using a needle make a hole and thread through a piece of string, tie together and then your bauble is ready to be hung on the tree.


Salt dough tree decorations

Salt dough tree decorations are so easy to make and most of you will probably already have the ingredients at home in your cupboard. They are cheap to make and turn out so well.

What you need – 

One cup plain flour

Half a cup of table salt

Half a cup of water

Acrylic paint

Mod Podge


Salt Dough recipe 

First add one cup of plain flour to the mixing bowl, then add half a cup of fine table salt. Take half a cup of water and slowly stir it into the mixing bowl. Once all the water is mixed in and the mixture looks like dough, take it out and knead for a bit over a floured surface. Be warned that the salt in the mixture can leave your hands feeling a little sore after kneading, you could try wearing kitchen gloves although I have not tried using gloves before.

Once your dough is ready it’s time to share it out and begin making your creations. Cookie cutters are great to use to make shapes although freehand works just as well. If you want to stick bits together dip your finger in some water and rub a couple of drops over the edges that you want stuck together. Using a cocktail stick make holes in the top so you can thread the string through later. Just make sure that you check the back of the decoration to make sure the hole is the same thickness on the back as the front.


Once your creations are ready you can either leave them to dry on their own which can take a day or two, or to help them along you can put them in the oven on a low heat for 1-2 hours.


When it comes to decorating I would recommend using acrylic paint as it is thicker and covers over the dough better. After the paint has dried I always use Mod Podge to seal them and give them a lovely glossy shine and feel.


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