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10 Cheap activities to do with the Children this summer?

Here is my list of 10 tried and tested cheap activities to do with children over the summer holidays. There are some great activities listed to keep your children active and inspire them to explore and be creative. I have included links to my other posts that go into more detail on some of the activities if you wanted to read more about them and also helpful links to other sites I have found with some great information.

1. Pond Dipping –This is a great activity to do with the children not only will they have a great time but they will learn about nature.


All you need is a small child’s fishing net which you can pick up for less than £5 and a bucket. The RSPB  has a great page on pond dipping and a link to find your nearest reserve.

2.Visit the local library – Libraries are a great way to keep the kids entertained during the holidays and also to inspire them to read. A lot of libraries also offer free activities and crafts to help keep the children busy as well as a summer reading challenge. You can find your local library by using the government Library checker.

3. Rock Painting and hidingRock painting is a great activity that can be enjoyed by everyone and can keep the kids entertained for ages. After you have spent a few hours painting all your rocks you then head out with the children to hide them around your area. Once you have finished hiding them you can take a walk around and see if you can find other stones that people have hidden. For more information on Rock painting and what paints are best to use take a look at my post on Rock Painting


4. Visit an open space – Last year I took my girls to a big open field and we had one of the best days of the summer holidays. As there was no roads and I could see the girls for miles they had all the freedom they wanted to run around and explore. We spent the day playing frisbee, tennis, football, we also did running races and handstand competitions we all enjoyed hours of fun and all it cost me was the petrol to get there and picnic food.


5. Chalk – Give your children chalk or chalk pens and let them go wild decorating the path with their artwork.


This is a great activity as it keeps them busy, develops their creativity and ensures they are out getting some fresh air. Chalk is cheap and will wash away easily, ready for them to start all over again the next day.


6. Go on a Bug Hunt – My girls always loved going on these hunts, when I worked as a childminder we did them regularly. I would give them all a bug hunting sheet and they would all search the fields, trees and bushes to see what they could find. The Nation Trust has a handy guide and tips for bug hunting. You can download my free bug hunting tick sheet by clicking here.


7. Blackberry picking – We all love when the blackberries are ready to pick. All through the year my girls keep asking when they can go blackberry picking again. We start by heading off with empty sandwich bags which we end up filling to the brim with delicious blackberries and we usually end up eating just as much as we manage to put in the bag. Once we have finished collecting them it is off home to make a blackberry and apple crumble. For tips on blackberry picking or a recipe for the blackberry and apple crumble please take a look at my post on blackberry picking.


8. Hama Beads – Anyone living in the UK will need to have some indoor activities ready for when we get those rainy days. Although Hama beads can be a bit expensive initially as you would need to get the boards, ironing paper and the beads, they are well worth the investment. 

Once you have all of these for future you will only need to buy the bead packs which are a reasonable price. All my children love Hama Beads and can spend hours at the table working on a new design. They have made so many different things I have even turned some of them into fridge magnets and keyrings.


9. Cooking – I believe that it is essential to get children into cooking when they are young as this will inspire them to cook more as adults and hopefully make more food from scratch and live a healthier lifestyle.

Cakes are a good thing to start off cooking with children. If you follow my blog you will know we are always making cakes and my children can now make them independently.  

We have a really good cake recipe book that we all sit down together with to flick through and decided what we would like to make. If you don’t have the right ingredients then this will be a great way to get the children to make a list of what is needed and go to the shop in search of the items from the shops, this will also keep the children busy a little bit longer.

The cookbook we use is The Best Ever Book of Cakes we have used it so much that most of the pages are stuck together with cake batter. It is packed full of different cake recipes.


Another great thing to make is homemade pizzas. When we have made them in the past they have tasted so much better than the shop bought ones and not only do you engage your children in an activity you also get dinner made at the same time and we all love a bit of multi tasking. If you would like a recipe take a look at my blog on making homemade pizzas.


If you want to make something quick that won’t leave so much mess as cakes and pizza then try making fruit kebabs for pudding. These are very easy to make and a great way to get your child to eat fruit.


10. Bubbles – Who doesn’t love chasing bubbles around even I can’t resist the fun of bubbles. With mixture very cheap to buy you can afford to give the children a few bottles to play with until their heart’s content. Once they have exhausted the normal bubbles you can introduce them to giant bubbles. We did buy a special kit for making the giant bubbles, but it would be easy to make your own as it is just a string and two rods/poles. We had so much fun and seeing the amazement on the children’s faces when they saw the size of the bubbles was priceless. We all had competitions to see who could make the biggest.



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