Review – Oscar the Orgo by R.J Furness

We have had the opportunity to review R. J Furness new children’s picture book called Oscar the Orgo and what a delightful, imaginative rhyming story it is.

What the Books About

‘When Oscar hatches from his egg, it isn’t long before he realises that he can sing. The problem is, once Oscar starts singing, his mum can’t make him stop!’

Our Review

My girls love R. J Furness’s Orgo Creation and thought that Oscar was super cute, they also enjoyed reading how Oscar loved to sing. My 7-year-old now takes this book to bed with her every night and reads it over and over again.

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The book is a lovely rhyming story that children can easily follow along too and has a happy ending.  The illustrations by Fiona Fletcher are bold and bright adding to the wonder of the story.

Oscar the Orgo is available for £4.99 on Amazon 

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