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Scented Weighted Eye Pillow Review from Bags of Lavender

We have been reviewing these weighted scented eye pillows from Bags of Lavender. We were gifted these two eye pillows to review. These were a children’s eye pillow scented with lavender and an adults eye pillow scented with Camomile. 

When you order from Bags of Lavender you are able to customise your eye pillow by picking your own fabric and scent and there are a few to choose from each with their own benefits.

What are the eye pillows made of?

Bags of Lavender advise their eye pillows are made from 100% Cotton and they have removable washable covers as standard. They contain an inner natural calico liner which is filled with UK sourced organic flax seeds.

What are the benefits of the weighted eye pillows?

Weighted eye pillows trigger the body’s own relaxation reflex called Oculocardiac reflex this is triggered by weighted light acupressure to the eyes and calming the Vagus nerve. 

Using a weighted eye pillow can calm a racing heart, gently lower blood pressure this in turn helps with stress, anxiety and panic feelings. When used regularly weighted eye pillows can aid relaxation and improve sleep.

Our review of the weighted eye pillows

The first time you use the eye pillows it is an odd feeling. When you hold the pillows they are obviously very light but once you are lying down with it over your eyes you can feel the weight of it. They do take a little while to get used to but are definitely worth persevering as you can really feel the benefits. 

My daughter is terrible at going to sleep but using her eye pillow before bed has really helped her. The weight and the lavender helps to calm and relax her before bed. She was also so happy that it had been personalised with a football fabric especially for her.

I have found that using the weighted pillow before bed is a great way to help me relax and get to sleep. The scent fills my nose and helps me to calm myself and breathe more deeply. At first the weight felt a bit odd to have on my face but now it feels reassuring and helps my eyes to feel heavy and drift off to sleep easier.  

I now ensure I use my eye pillow for at least a few minutes every night as it helps me clear my mind and having the weight there stops me opening my eyes. Before using the eye pillow when I have tried to close my eyes and relax before bed it is all too easy just to open them even just for a second but in that time I would notice something that needs doing and then my mind is off racing again. With the eye pillow your eyes are closed with no chance of a sneak peak at what’s around you and I feel this gives me a deeper sense of relaxation and in turn allows my mind to calm and stop racing. 

You can also pop the eye pillows in the fridge and use them cold which for me I found a lot more relaxing. It may just be because it has been hot the last few nights but having the cool pillow on my eyes is very refreshing. 

Lia and I relaxing in the garden with our eye pillows under the den she made


My daughter and I would recommend these weighted eye pillows from Bags of Lavender. We have found them very calming and they have helped us to relax and sleep easier. We will definitely be carrying on using them every evening before bed.

You can order your customised weighted eye pillow from Bags of Lavender 

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Product Reviews

Escape Reality Book Review

I have been reviewing the new book Escape Reality which is a collection of short fiction stories written by lots of different women and teenagers to provide some relief and escape from reality during this difficult time of lockdown.

The book has been edited and published by a company called Fuzzy Flamingo who has done a wonderful job of putting the stories together and on the stunning front cover. These stories have been written and the book put together in less than 3 weeks which is an amazing achievement for all the authors and Jen at Fuzzy Flamingo

The book contains 21 different short fiction stories and every one of them is completely different. The stories contain murder, fires, garden escapes, African adventures and lots more. 

All the stories are short and easy to read and perfect as the title suggests to escape reality. If you, like me, have children around and find it hard to fully immerse yourself in a book for hours due to the constant interruptions then this book is great as you can read the stories in short bursts and it is not too hard to dip in and out of when you have a spare moment here and there.

The stories are well written and a lot of them will leave you wanting to hear more from the author. A couple of them finish on a bit of a cliffhanger that then leaves you thinking and imagining what could be happening next. There are so many different scenarios within the book that you are bound to find stories that appeal to you.

The ebook is 99p and the paperback is £8.99 you can order your copy here

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Sand Art Children’s Activity Subscription Box Review

We have been gifted this wonderful sand art subscription box from Stephanie Keeble, Kids Bee Happy Independent Consultant 

These sand art subscription boxes can be ordered and delivered straight to your door. The kit includes 6 bottles of coloured sand, 5 sand art pictures, a bag of picks to take the stickers off with and an instruction leaflet.

The sand art is easy to set up and so simple to use it even kept my girls busy for hours. On each of the cardboard pictures there is a layer of backing paper that has been laser cut for each element of the picture. 

Using the pick tool you can peel off each little piece of backing paper to reveal the sticky card underneath. Then use the sand bottles to shake a bit of the coloured sand onto the sticky patch. You can then shake off the excess and repeat the process on the next piece of the picture. 

These pictures are easy to do and my girls 8, 10 and 12 years old managed to get on and do them by themselves. Occasionally they asked for a bit of help when it came to removing a small piece of backing paper but apart from that they were able to get on with it by themselves.

I would advise doing the activity over a tray or if you don’t have one then the box that these are delivered in works great for keeping the extra sand in. There was plenty of sand for my girls to do all 6 pictures and we still have some left over in each bottle.

I would highly recommend these packs to anyone looking for a simple but fun activity for their children to enjoy. If your children let you, I would advise giving them a try yourself. They are great for adults too and a lovely calming activity to get the creative juices flowing.

The cards come in resealable packs that you can put the sand art back in and seal them up to keep safe after you have finished. I didn’t realise this until afterwards when my 8 year old had already ripped the pack to shreds. So I would advise opening them yourself to ensure you can use the packs afterwards. 

Even with a tray you will still end up with a bit of sand and sticker backing over the floor and table but these are easy to sweep up and are worth the 5 mins of cleaning up for the few hours it kept my girls busy. 

The smaller pictures have printed on the back messages that you can add your name to and then send on to someone as a gift. Great for giving to family members to cheer them up and let them know you are thinking of them.

You can order your sand art subscription box by contacting Stephanie on Facebook or Instagram – 

Stephanie Keeble, Kids Bee Happy Independent Consultant – Facebook

Awesome.sand.creations – Instagram

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My Recommended Reading List

I love nothing more than to lose myself in a good book and given the chance I could spend hours reading. 

My favourite type of books to read are non-fiction biographies, memoirs, travel and self-help books. I just love to read about other people’s journeys, their adventures and how they overcame problems and the fact that they are real inspires me more. I also like to see things from different peoples perspectives and with non-fiction books you will always learn something new.

Below are some of the books I have enjoyed reading and would recommend. Some of them you may have heard of and some are lesser known books by indie authors but are still very good reads.

 The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

You have probably all seen and heard about this book, it is one of the most compelling books that I have ever read. A true story, it is written about Lale who ended up in Auschwitz and was given the task of being the tattooist of Auschwitz. It shares his harrowing experience in the camp and what him and others had to do to survive. Despite all the hurt and sorrow he faced on a daily basis, love still managed to find a way to shine through and he met his beloved Gita. Even after he managed to get out of the camp his ordel wasn’t over. 

This book had me both sad, happy and angry but it is truly amazing to read that through such an awful time how the prisoners came together and did what they could to lift each other spirits and support one another. 

I have also read the follow on from this Clika’s Journey which again is a compelling story and is even more heartbreaking than The Tattooist of Auschwitz as you know what she went through before in Auschwitz so to then be imprisoned again is just astonishing. This book however is classed as a fiction novel as Cilka wasn’t around to tell her story so the author has done her best to research and get as much evidence as she could about her time after Auschwitz but did have to add bits and characters in so it is not classed as non-fiction. 

Aprons and Silver Spoons: The Heartwarming Memoirs of a 1930s Scullery Maid by Mollie Moran

If you had to leave home at 14 to be sent off to work as a scullery maid in a stately London townhouse working 13 hour days you would see this as a hardship but not little Mollie Brown. This book is her account of her time as a scullery maid for the gentry and although her life sounds tough she recalls her time in an upbeat and happy way sharing an insight into what life was like back then and the mischief she got up to. 

I enjoyed reading this book, I love hearing about history first hand and how things were so much different back then and hearing the good and bad points from someone who was there.

Travels with Rachel by George Manhood

Now I love travel books, I am not in a position to travel the world myself so reading others journeys and adventures is a close second. George is very funny and had me smiling and laughing throughout as he recalls his adventures around South America with his girlfriend Rachel. They get up to all sorts including wading through a swamp in a pair of borrowed puma trainers in search of annaconders after George had an oversight on the booking. As you can imagine Rachel wasn’t too happy about not having the proper wellies to go in search of a man eating snake in a swamp you can’t see the bottom of. Their adventures will have you laughing and enjoying a sense of wonder as they travel and get up to all sorts. 

I have also gone on to read Not tonight Josephine and Free Country by George Manhood that are both equally as funny and good as Travels with Rachel. Not tonight Josephine is about George’s travels with his friend around America where they drive around and stay in their car again this is so funny and the adventures they get up to will have you gripped. 

Free Country is just plain bonkers especially as you know it is a true story. It is how George and his friend travelled the length of the country without spending a penny and started off with only their boxer shorts. They had to beg for clothes, shoes and bikes and rely on people’s kindness throughout the whole trip. 

How not to travel the World by Lauren Jutliff

This book is Lauren’s hilarious account of how she went traveling around the world on her own and all that went wrong for her. When you read her account she is the least likeliest person to go traveling on her own, she had debilitating anxiety and was battling an eating disorder but despite everything she followed through with her dream and you will see how travelling helps her to grow and overcomes her issues. She does hit a lot of bumps on the way and gets herself into some tricky situations however the book is written in an upbeat positive way that will have you laughing along. 

Confessions of a GP By Benjamin Davis 

This book is brilliant and really takes you into an unseen world of what happens behind the GP’s closed doors. All names have been changed including the GP’s but it really does give you an insight to what it is like to be a GP and what they face daily. It was a real eye opener and after reading the book it has given me a much greater respect for GP’s and what do. 

Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg

This is such a great read and is so asstounding how Yossi managed to survive on his own with barely any provisions in the Jungle. After being separated from his friends in the Jungle with sheer luck and determination he managed to cling on to life and made it through. It is a gripping read that you find yourself willing him along to stay strong and survive and the fact that it is a completely true story of survival makes it so much more interesting.  

This book has been made into a film starring Daniel Radclif although I have not seen the film so cannot comment if it is any good. From experience the films are never as good as the books.

Part-Time Working Mummy; A Patchwork Life

Now I love the Part-Time working mummy. I think that she is fabulous and such a wonderful human being. I love following her on Facebook and reading her posts and how she helps so many people. When she bought out her book containing her life story I had to read it to find out more about this amazing woman. This book is a heartfelt read hearing about what she went through as both a child and adult and how it took her a lot of strength and courage to overcome and become the wonderful woman she is today. 

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Children's Books Product Reviews

The Horrorland Goosebumps series with Books2door

We had the opportunity to use and review Books2door’s online bookstore that is filled with lots of fabulous children’s and young adult books all at reasonable prices. 

Books2door’s website is easy to use and has a wide range of children’s and young adult books. All their books are arranged into helpful categories on the website so you can find age appropriate books with ease. 

I have used Books2door before and both times their customer service has been brilliant, I was kept up to date on my order and received notifications from them until it was delivered. 

From Books2door we were gifted the Goosebumps Horrorland series which are brilliant. I used to read and love these books from when I was a child so getting my children to enjoy them is brilliant. 

For those of you that have not heard of Goosebumps they are fictional horror stories written for young readers. All the stories are different and will have children intrigued and entertained. These books are brilliant for any child who likes a bit of a scare with monsters, ghowls and dummies although they are not too scary or gruesome. 

The Horror land series collection includes 18 books for children 9 – 14 years old some of which have 2 stories in one. These will keep children engaged and reading for quite a while. 

The collection includes the following Goosebump books –

  • Revenge of the Living
  • Creep of the Deep
  • Monster Blood for Breakfast
  • The Scream of the Haunted Mask
  • Dr Maniac VS Robby Schwartz
  • Who’s Your Mummy?
  • My Friends Call Me Monster
  • Say Cheese – And Die Screaming
  • Welcome to Camp Slither
  • Help! We Have Strange Powers!
  • Escape From Horrorland
  • The Streets of Panic Park
  • When the Ghost Dog Howls
  • Little Shop of Hamsters
  • Heads, You Lose
  • Weirdo Halloween

My girls favourite books in this collection are the books with Slappy the living dummy in, this may be due to the Goosebump films that came out recently.  They love reading what naughty things Slappy gets up to and how he goes about scaring people. If you have older children that like a bit of a scare then Goosebumps books will be perfect for them. Especially if they have seen the films this are great to follow on with.

You can order The Horrorland Goosebumps collection from Books2door.

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Interactive Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt with Wonder Adventures

We got to take part in the fun Interactive Easter Bunny Treasure Hunt that was put together by Wonder Adventures.

We have taken part in their interactive Dino ranger treasure hunt before that my girls really enjoyed so an Easter themed version sounded great especially at the moment with us all being in lock down.

The hunt comes with clear instructions on what to do and is easy to set up. There is a link to print off 6 colourful clue cards which you can then hide around the house or garden. If you are not able to print these off at the moment you can just draw and write what is on them on to a piece of paper and hide instead.

You start of the hunt by playing a video of the Easter bunny who has a message for the children and gets them up doing lots of engaging movements as he teaches them his secret bunny skills.

Once the video is over you will then get the first clue comes up that you can read out to the children. Once the children guess what the answer is they head off to find the clue card that has the correct answer on it.

Once they have found the right card they need to take note of the letter on that card and you can then go to the next clue, at the end of it they will have a word.

If you want to add in chocolate treats to the hunt you could add a small egg treat at each of the clues and then a big one at the end when they have their word or just a treat at the end of the hunt. I was felling generous so did mini eggs at each clue and then gave them their big Easter eggs at the end.

Wonder Adventures hunts are very enjoyable and well put together, my girls enjoy them. They loved trying to figure out the riddle then tearing around the house trying to find the right clue cards.

The interactive videos are fun and engaging, my girls are just edging on the older side for these videos but still really enjoy the hunt itself including my 12 year old. That said if you have younger children the video of the Easter Bunny is brilliant and will have them in amazement as they watch him dance and teach them his secret moves.

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Review of the educational Human Heroes App

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Product Reviews

Our Review of the Human Heroes Educational App

We have been reviewing the award winning Human Heroes educational game apps for children and what a great app it is. 

The Human Heroes apps cover topics such as reading clocks, the states of matter, and counting seconds, as well as the basic theories behind more advanced subjects such as radioactivity, atoms, and the chemical refinement process. Human Heroes’ aim is to enable children to become inspired by real-life heroes from history. These apps feature Albert Einstein and Marie Curie to inspire children and they are voiced by Stephen Fry and Miriram Margolyes.

This is a great app for home learning. My girls have enjoyed playing it and have learnt a lot from it.  They were struggling with telling the time before but the Einstein Human Heroes app has really helped them with this and has been a fun way for them to learn. 

My oldest daughter is learning about atoms at school so she enjoyed playing on the Marie Curie app and continuing her learning on this subject while currently homeschooling.  

The graphics are very good, the games are vibrant and engaging so they keep the attention of children. Learning is a lot easier when it is fun and the Human Heroes apps definitely make learning fun. I would recommend these apps to help parents with their children’s learning. These apps are also a great aid for homeschooling and keeping children occupied. 

You can download the apps on android or apple, take a look at the Human Heroes website to find out more

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Product Reviews

Mother’s day gift guide with Etsy UK

Here is my Mother’s Day gift guide filled with lovely unique gifts to make your mum feel special this Mother’s Day in association with Esty UK.

This post contains affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.

Personalised Mother’s Day Glass Vase

How beautiful is this Mother’s Day flower glass vase. Team this with a small bunch of daffodils or tulips and your mum will have a lovely gift this Mother’s Day.

Personalised Make-Up Bag

I love this big floral make-up bag at 26cm x 15cm x 5cm, it is the perfect size to fit in all your make-up. You can also change the ‘Mum’ and have it personalised to say what you want. 

Personalised Wooden Mother’s Day Keyring

What a beautiful and unique little gift this would make for your mother this Mother’s Day. From £3.99

Personalised Printed Tea and Cake Board

This personalised wooden tea and cake board is super cute and would look lovely in any kitchen. It would make a great gift for any baking loving Mum or Nan.

Silver Leaf Dangle Earrings

I think these silver leaf dangle earrings are just beautiful and would make a great gift for Mothers Day. I know I would appreciate them for my Mother’s Day gift. £4.75 +

Mother’s Day Warmer and Wax Melt Gift Set

I am a big fan of the warmers and wax melts that is why I have added this cute wax melt gift set on my Mother’s Day gift guide. They are great for making your house feel cosy and smelling nice.

Mother’s Day Hygge Gift Box Set

This looks like a wonderful gift set of vegan and handmade products. This Mother’s day gift set contains A Hygge 4oz Botanical Candle (wooden wick), A Hygge Jumbo Bath Shot, Hygge Soy Wax Melts and A Hygge Aromatherapy Spray. £32.95

Personalised Mother’s Day Family Tree

This beautiful personalised family tree would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day and would look wonderful hanging on a wall at home.

Grandma/Mother’s Day Personalised Key Rings

This unique little keyring would make a lovely gift for a Mother or Grandma this Mother’s Day.  £9.00 +

Personalised Mother’s Day Bookmark

If your Mum is anything like me and loves to get lost in a good book then this beautiful and unique bookmark would make a perfect gift. Every time she goes to read a book she will be reminded of you.
£7.50 +

Why not also take a look at the Etsy Editors Picks Mother’s Day Gift Guide for more fabulous, unique gifts to make your Mother smile this Mother’s Day.

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Mental health & Wellbeing Product Reviews

I am your friend. A book of Hope – Book Review

If you are ever feeling down or having a bad day, this wonderful little book is just what you need to pick yourself up. 

I am your friend a book of hope is packed full of colourful images with positive messages that burst of the page. They will leaving you feeling uplifted and inspired. 

This handy smaller pocket edition of the book is designed to be your perfect companion when you are out and about. You can pick it up and flick through it anywhere or share it with someone in need of cheering up. There is also a bigger hardback edition of the book. 

As soon as I opened the book I was drawn in, you can just feel the love, positivity and emotion that the author and illustrator Billie Bacall is portraying. She created this book to help lift herself out of a very difficult time in her life. In a short time period she suffered the sudden death of her husband and went through major surgery and chemotherapy. It is through drawing that she found solace and a way out of her a difficult period in her life. 


Now she shares her drawings to uplift and inspire others to stay positive and to help them through dark times. 

After I finished reading the book I felt on a high reeling in the positive vibes. I straight away shared it with my girls and they loved the book too. 

I am your friend. A book of Hope is available to buy one Amazon

Some of my post contain affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.

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Parenting Advice Product Reviews

Cool That Volcano – A self-help book for parents to help children achieve emotional intelligence

I had the pleasure of being asked to review Peter Black’s informative self – help book ‘Cool that Volcano‘. 


Pete Black is a registered psychologist with over 16 years of experience working with troubled individuals. He has used his own professional experience and knowledge of emotional management skills, to create this self-help book for parents to help you achieve a emotionally intelligent children. 

Cool that Volcano’s core focus is on open communication between child and adult which Peter has then broken down into easy to follow sections explaining step by step how to achieve this and gain emotional intelligence. 

The book is broken down into the following sections – 

– Understanding Emotions

– Managing Emotions

– Processing Emotions

– Maintaining Emotional Balance

– Effective Modelling

Peter has used Metaphors to describe a child’s emotional state, hence the title of the book.  The Volcano is the child’s temperament and the Lava is when a child erupts spewing out negative emotions, he refers to these throughout the book and also uses icebergs as a metaphor for cooling your little volcano’s down. 

I found Cool that Volcano easy to read and understand. It is also packed full of helpful tips and advice that is broken down into small steps to help you follow and implement to effectively deal with your child’s emotional state. Peter has written the book in a understanding way that makes you feel at ease. He also sets realistic targets highlighting that changes won’t happen overnight but with a bit of time and practice emotional intelligence is achievable. As well as focusing on our children’s emotional intelligence Peter also talks about the importance of being a good role model by making sure we can control our emotions in difficult situations too and has included some tips to help parents with this. 


If you are struggling to handle your child’s emotions then this book is definitely worth reading. 

Cool That Volcano is available on Amazon for £6.99 paperback or you can read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. 

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Some of my post contain affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.