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I am Back! Why I took a break from The Simple Mum and how I am looking forward to Blogging again.

Where have I been? 

As you may have noticed I have not been blogging lately and have had a bit of a break from my blog and social media pages. I have to admit I had so much going on in my life I was really struggling to do it all and I ended up sending less and less time with my family so something had to give and unfortunately that was blogging.

So what has been happening? 

Well we decided to put our house up for sale and was going through the marketing process, carrying out stressful Military style deep cleans every time we had a viewing when I was then hit with the news I was being made redundancy at work. 

Now it wasn’t an entire shock as I knew my office was closing in March 2020 which would have gave me plenty of time to move and then sort a new job out. However the powers above decided that they would close the office early. One day we were called into a meeting and told that our last day would be 31st October 2019. 

Following that meeting my evenings have been filled with job searching and application forms, I can even tell you how many I have done, it has been endless. It has literally taken over my life and left me with not much time for anything else.

So unfortunately blogging has had to take a back seat for a while.

The Good News!

I have now secured a job so no more applications (woohoo) and I am looking forward to getting back to my blog and all my wonderful readers and followers. 

I will be working a full time day job from November and when we find a new house we will have the stress of moving so I will be running the blog in between my hectic everyday life so do please bear with me if I am a little slow.

Amazing News!

To kick start off getting back into blogging, I have been asked by BBC Somerset to discuss my blog on the radio show Connected with Charlie Taylor . You can catch me live on Thursday 10th October at 8pm talking all things blogging and social media.


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Art is good for the soul (even if you are not very good at it)

Some of my post contain affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.


Being a writer with Dyslexia – How Dyslexia affects me and how I overcome my struggles!

When I was younger I loved to write, I would always be writing funny stories to make my friends laugh and I remember wanting to be a journalist when I grew up. However things changed dramatically when I reached high school. No matter how hard I tried I always seemed to get things wrong. Maths was a real struggle (it still is), reading was difficult especially when I was made to do it out loud and I found writing hard.

I struggled so much that I ended up trying to avoid reading and writing as much as possible doing only the bare minimum. My GCSE results weren’t great but I managed to scrape by and get into college.

At college our whole class was asked to carry out a dyslexia test and a few days after the test I received a letter through the post saying that due to my test results they believe I have dyslexia and to go to the student services for help. It was the first test I had ever past even if for the wrong reason.

I finally had the chance to get the help and support I needed so did I go and get help!

No, instead I hid the letter away ashamed and worried what people would think of me if they found out and I carried on without any help as I had all the years before.

I am 31 years old and it is only in the last couple of years that I have accepted my dyslexia and started telling people I have it and last week in the talk I did at a primary school for World Book Day was the first time ever I have spoken about having dyslexia. After receiving such wonderful feedback from the teachers on how my talk was an inspiration and how it will help children that have dyslexia in the school, I thought I would write a post about my own struggles to help others and build more awareness.

Although I find writing a struggle it is something I love doing and I have been recently been able to accomplish my dream of being a writer despite being dyslexic.

How Dyslexia affects me and how I overcome my struggles

As I now write a lot I know what mistakes I usually make so I can go back over and amend them without much hassle. My main struggles are ‘B’s and ‘P’s and ‘who’ and ‘how’s I will always get these the wrong way round when writing.

When I first write a post, rhyme or book I am focused on what I am writing not how I am writing and my dyslexia is automatic. I will mix up the words and letters but when I read back over my work consciously thinking about the words and how they are written I can see the mistakes and easily change them. I will read back over everything I write at least 3 times before sharing with anyone, even if it is just a Facebook comment I will still go back over and read it through a few times before posting.

The other way I really struggle with dyslexia is what I call a brain muddle, it is so frustrating when it happens and I still get annoyed with myself. A brain muddle is when I write a word that is normally simple and easy to spell and that I know how to spell but at that moment my brain gets muddled and I convince myself it is wrong.

A great example of this is when I was making my Powerpoint slide for my school talk. I put the title ‘World Book Day’ without any problems then I added some pictures and was playing around with the lay out when I looked to much at the title and suddenly the word ‘World’ was alien to me. I was then so convinced I had spelt it wrong I had to google it, even then I wasn’t sure Google was right it took me a few minutes for my brain to accept that it was spelt the right way. Although it is frustrating as long as I have google or a dictionary available when writing I can get through a brain muddle.


Years ago these struggles were enough to put me off writing but since I took the leap and started up a blog I have found my love for writing again. I have now found the more I write the less my dyslexia affects me and the better my writing becomes, unless I am trying to write when feeling tired then I have no hope. I have learnt to embrace my dyslexia and now since looking into it more I believe it is what has given me my creative side.

Dyslexia can be a struggle and frustrating at times but don’t let it stop you achieving your dreams.

There is lots of help available and ways you can work around dyslexia just don’t give up.


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Love the skin your in

Art is good for the soul (even if you are not very good at it)

Some of my post contain affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.


Why I turned Vegetarian and my journey on cutting out meat.

Going Vegetarian

Nearly all my life I have been a meat eater, I was brought up eating meat and would have it everyday and enjoyed eating every kind of meat.

I loved bacon, beef & lamb roasts, burgers and all things meat related, I would always go straight to the hog roasts at fairs and moan that I didn’t get enough meat on my plate at the carvery.

I always said that I would never be a vegetarian as I loved eating meat and back then I was under the impression that your body needs meat to give it the nutrients it needed.

How wrong I was!

Turning vegetarian all happened very gradually for me until one day I realised I just couldn’t eat meat anymore.

It all started when we become more aware of the health issues of eating meat to often and the effects it can have on your body. We were hearing more and more about the link with meat and cancer.


The NHS website recommends that people cut down on red and processed meat as their is likely a link between these and bowel cancer. 

We also started to realise that meat is not what it used to be. The animal welfare these days is awful, meat is being mass produced on such a large scale that the animals can never be looked after as they should be and free to spend their days roaming around the fields. Not to mention the quality of the meat we are eating due to the way the animals are kept and all the antibiotics and special feeds they are given. warns of the issue of both antibiotics and pollution ending up in our meat and the damaging effects it can have on our health.

After we had looked into it more we decided that we would cut down on our meat consumption and have at least one day a week where we had no meat. This is where we started meat free Mondays.

We carried on with meat free Mondays for a while and found that it wasn’t that hard to have meat free days. Dino then watched a video about meat which showed them cutting pus and cysts off of it and then just selling the rest of the meat as normal.

After watching this he was completely put off eating meat and he started to go longer without eating any meat until eventually he had completely given up. At this time I was still eating meat (I didn’t see this video if I had I probably would have given up eating meat sooner) the rest of the week but I did start cutting down a bit more. It took me a good few months after Dino to cut out meat from all my meals but after doing it a while and finding good vegetarian meals and substitutes it was easy to maintain.


We both started to see and feel the benefits of not eating meat, both of us had more energy, felt less bloated and after a big meal we didn’t end up in a food comer.

I had been vegetarian for 3 months when we went on a holiday to France, none of us spoke French so we had to rely on pointing and hoping for the best while there. However food was a big issue as not a single restaurant we found had any vegetarian dishes unless we wanted to eat chocolate pancakes for the whole week.

They also didn’t understand a lot of English and we didn’t speak French so we couldn’t ask for anything off the menu. Towards the end of the week I was so hungry I caved in and ordered a burger. However when I eat it I just didn’t enjoy it, the burger it’s self was a decent burger and before I would have thought it was delicious but after not eating meat for so long it just tasted wrong. I also found afterwards my tummy ached and I felt so bloated.

This was the last time I ever eat meat and I have been a vegetarian for 8 months now I have not looked back nor craved meat. When I first started to give up I would see meat and still want to eat it but now I have no desire for it and I don’t even like looking at it.

I have to admit that I do eat fish now and again but no meat and I feel so much better for it, both health wise and morally.

If you are looking for inspiration for non meat meals take a look at my recipe for my hearty homemade vegetarian shepherds pie, potato and leek soup and my homemade pizza that you can add whatever toppings you want. We like mushroom, spinach and mozzarella on our homemade pizzas.


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Love the skin your in

Art is good for the soul (even if you are not very good at it)

Some of my post contain affiliated links to products where I may receive a small fee if these products are bought.