Welcome to my Parenting Blog!

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Welcome to my Parenting Blog!

My name is Cheryl Lee-White and I live in Somerset with my partner Dino and crazy girls Isabella, Lia and Alexa.

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Here I share my journey on parenting and ways to raise children.

Being a parent isn’t an easy job so I share my parenting advice and tips that I have picked up along the way to help others.

We are an active family who enjoys being outdoors and exploring new places when we can. I believe in the benefits of nature for both children and adults. Being outdoors can have a big impact on mental health and well-being.

In my blog you will find family recipes, kid’s craft and activity ideas to keep your little ones busy, lots of posts on mental health & well-being for both adults and children, places to visit both in the UK and for holidays abroad, parenting advice on what I have picked up along the way and also from guest posts, inspirational interviews, product reviews including children’s book reviews and much, much more.

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Children’s Author

The Book of Silly Rhymes

I am also an award-winning children’s author of The Book of Silly Rhymes.

This book was written for reluctant readers and it is a collection of silly and a little bit rude rhymes to bring laughter to reading time. It is printed in the open dyslexia font to help with ease of reading.

I was inspired to write this book as I was a reluctant reader as a child and struggle at times with dyslexia. Check out Why I Wrote The Book of Silly Rhymes for more info.

Pete the Cheeky Parakeet

My other children’s book is Pete The Cheeky Parakeet which is a lighthearted funny rhyming story with a great message about friendship and kindness for children aged 3-7 years old.

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I also have a love for writing poetry which you can read in the poems section on my blog.

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